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Welcome to Evolutions Fitness

Evolutions Fitness is an all inclusive Personal training studio that's been servicing the Tewksbury area for the last 13 years. Our mission is to

provide our members the results they seek by supplying them all the necessary tools and education in a friendly, motivating environment.

Getting Started

Get started on a custom designed fitness/lifestyle program. There are no cookie cutter programs here. Our coaches are passionate about designing a program that is specific to you and your needs, not the other way around. It starts with assessing your current fitness level, reviewing restrictions, and setting short- and long-term goals. It’s the first step. No better time for change than now!




Laura Z

I have been working out with Brian for years. Great personalized workouts that produce amazing results!!! Brian has helped me get in better shape. He has taught me how to exercise safely and showed me ways to eat healthier. Everyone at Evolutions is welcoming. When I don't have sessions, I am able to go in for cardio workouts. Definitely recommend going to Evolutions for any exercise or weight loss goals.

Rachel C

Evolutions is an amazing Personal and Fitness Training facility! All the trainers are so well educated on fitness and dieting ( especially Robin who happens to be mine) and they all care SO much about your personal fitness goals. They are able to work with extremely out of shape to fit individuals and I have never ever felt uncomfortable there. Every day the workouts are different and I always know they are going to kick my butt when I get there. I would recommend them to everyone if I could- they are the best!!!!

Russell R

I've been training with Brian for many years. It has truly transformed me inside and out. He taught me how to workout smarter and safer. He stresses a balance between rigorous workouts followed up with good nutrition. The gym is welcoming and a great place to workout. I definitely recommend it for anyone who is new to working out, or just needs an extra boost to make that much wanted change!

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