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All our fitness programs can be designed for one-on-one or group training and are customized to each member’s specific goals and limitations. You can choose your program to focus on or incorporate elements of the following specialty areas:

Small Group Training- Our customized small team training program is designed to improve conditioning, flexibility, gain lean muscle. Nutrition counseling is also included. If you don't want to go at it alone, find a friend! (max 4 people)

Injury Rehab Training-  From acl's to rotator cuffs, we've seen it all. Post therapy training is extremely important. Make the strongest recovery possible! Work with an experienced professional who will contact and work with your current/past physical therapist.

Functional Training, Low Impact Training-  This program is for our members who need more flexibility, balance, and mobility. Not everyone's capable of an intense, fast paced workout but everyone needs to feel well and move around without limitations.

Sports Specific Training- Our system is specifically designed to each sport, with our main focus being enhancing performance and competition. We've worked with numerous athletes to increase endurance, stamina, flexibility, and overall performance.

Girl Doing Push-Ups

Strength and Conditioning

  • Optimal fitness and endurance

  • Core strength and improved power

  • A leaner, proportioned physique

  • Workouts vary from HIIT, circuits, intervals, split sets, supersets, dynamic stretching, etc.

  • A top level education on muscle function and program design

On the Scales

Weight Loss and Nutrition

  • Target heart range workouts science based results

  • A new way to look at nutrition

  • A new look for you

  • Learn how to keep it off, our programs are designed for longevity

Man Drinking Water

Medical Exercise

  • Control blood pressure

  • Manage Arthritis and Diabetes

  • Combat Osteoporosis

  • Functional training to help you gain strength for everyday challenges

Physical Therapy Session


  • Continued strengthening

  • Improve muscle and joint function

  • Restore overall strength

  • Future injury prevention

Golfer hitting golf

Sport-specific Training

  • Improve performance

  • Get that competitive nature back

  • Improve strength, quickness, and agility

  • Proven methods to increase speed, strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility

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